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Welcome to TERI's Enviro-Club through the net

When your school is a Member of our Enviro-Club, you can:

Participate in the workshops, field trips and other activities
Interact with experts on various environmental issues
Join our network to promote action for our environment
Prepare your school environment improvement projects
Network with other schools

Become a member now and Learn more and more !!!

The school can access the enviroclub section through a password assigned to the school.
Seminars and Workshops are organized for teachers and students on current environment topics such as Agenda 21, Climate Change, Indoor Air Pollution, Water Harvesting, Energy Conservation, etc.
Every alternate month, the activities of one particular school will be highlighted in the monthly information sheet
Articles by members are put in the student's page and teacher's corner. These can be read by all schools.
Members can send in drawings, jokes, poems, write ups, crossword puzzles, word games etc. that will be put on the web site
The winning entries in the competitions will be put up on the web site along with the names of the children and school
Help/Advice of TERI experts for environment projects will be available to all member schools
The member schools will enjoy the benefit to be a part of all education based activities of TERI on a priority basis.
25% discount on TERI publications is available to all members.

Check http://edugreen.teri.res.in for more details.

Registration Form [Pdf]

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For comments and suggestions, write to us at webgroup@teri.res.in