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Air quality monitoring and awareness buliding programme for schools

Data represetnation

Keeping in mind the importance of sensitizing teachers and, through them, the school children in Delhi, about increasing air pollution in the city and the related problems , TERI implemented hands-on methods of monitoring and analysis, workshops, development of resource material, seminars, training programmes, etc.


Air quality monitoring equipment

The study was phased and in the initial phase, 50 schools in Delhi were selected, and grouped together in 5 clusters. One school in each cluster was identified as a nodal school and air-sampling equipment was installed here so that it was accessible to 9 other schools in the cluster. Air quality monitoring of criteria of pollutants such as RSPM (respirable suspended particulate matter) , SO2 (sulphur dioxide), and NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) at all the 5 locations was carried out on a seasonal basis.
The next phase of the project included training and interactive workshops for the schools.
The air quality data thus collected was disseminated through the website.



Graphical Data Representation
Winter data
Post monsoon data


Tabular Data Representation

Winter data
Post monsoon data

Winter data
Post monsoon data


Data archives
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