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The world weather – Global temperature
other global highlights

  All over the world there were many unusual weather phenomena.

1. In June and July Russia experienced one of its longest heat waves of the century with temperatures going 5 C above normal.

2.  In February the heaviest snowfall in the last few decades was recorded across Central Europe leading to destructive avalanches across the Alps. In May heavy rainfall and thawing of the deep snow in the Alps caused heavy flooding of the Rivers Danube. In Central England 1999 was the warmest year ever recorded.

3. In the Atlantic Ocean area 12 storms and hurricanes were recorded. 4. Eastern USA experienced one of the worst droughts and April to July 1999 was the driest period recorded since 1895. On the other hand, in the winter months it received the heaviest snowfall in the last few years recording 150%to200% more than normal.
5. Buenos Aires experienced a rare event, a heavy snowfall in August. In Argentina the rainfall was far below normal. 6. Parts of Africa experienced heavy rainfall and flash floods causing damage to property and lives.
7. A severe super cyclonic storm with wind speeds of more that 250km/hr, hit the coast of Orissa in India on the 29th of October. More than 10,000 deaths were reported and millions were rendered homeless. Another storm with lesser intensity hit the coast in Orissa and Bengal a few days earlier on the 17th causing some loss of lives and damage to property. 8. Heavy rainfall and floods caused extensive damage to property in Vietnam and Japan.
9. Ozone depletion over the Antarctica during the spring season was unusually high.