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What you can do to reduce solid waste

Carry your own cloth or jute bag when you go shopping.
Say no to all plastic bags as far as possible.
Reduce the use of paper bags also.
Reuse the soft drinks polybottles for storing water.
Segregate the waste in the house –keep two garbage bins and see to it that the biodegradable and the nonbiodegradable is put into separate bins and dispose off separately.
Dig a compost pit in your garden and put all the biodegradables into it.
See to it that all garbage is thrown into the municipal bin as the collection is generally done from there.
When you go out do not throw paper and other wrappings or even leftover food here and there, make sure that it is put in the correct place, that is into a dustbin.


As far as possible try to sell all the recyclable items that are not required to the Kabariwala (person who trades in waste).