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Video clips

TERRAVIEW capsules are an audio-visual series of five-minute films, focussing on a range of environmental issues. These were telecast at prime time on the national network, these films provide an opportunity for the viewers to expand their understanding and knowledge base on energy, environment, sustainable development, and related areas.

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File size: 5.64 MB
Duration: 5:09 (minutes : seconds)

River pollution

File size: 6.31 MB
Duration: 5:47 (minutes : seconds)

Solar energy

File size: 5.11 MB
Duration: 4:40 (minutes : seconds)

Urban solid waste

File size: 5.58MB
Duration: 5:07 (minutes : seconds)

Urban air pollution

File size:  6.39 MB
Duration: 5:52 (minutes : seconds)

Wind energy

File size:  5.90 MB
Duration: 5:52 (minutes : seconds)