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Poems submitted by students

Take a look at the enviro poems submitted by students; also read other enviro poems we have compiled for you. Share with us your poem as well, if it is about nature and environment.

Mother Nature, Father Sky

Mother Nature gave us
Green Grass,
Tall Trees,
Fresh Flowers,
And Earth.

Mother Nature asked
For Nothing
Except That

Father Sky gave use
A Blue Back-round,
White light Clouds,
And a place for the birds to fly.

Father Sky asked
For Nothing
Except that

Mother Nature,
Father Sky,
We thank thy
In our

Casey W. Shi
Davis Drive Middle School
Cary, North Carolina

Water-The Nectar of Life

O! Mankind, come let us contemplate
What is this miraculous substance that our Lord,
With his ingenuity created
WATER is its name.
Out of this substance of wonder
Gushes the nectar of life

This very substance laid the foundation of our creation,
And it has continued to support our existence.
Such is the fertility of this wonder called water
Out of whose womb, spring
Pure and beautiful is born.
The stream, crystalline
How lovely it glides
And winds by the cot where her mother, nature resides
Lending its glory to the earth's creative side.

The sanctum sanctorum of the elements it is
Water flowing in our rivers in all its splendour
Encompassing a history of glory and grandeur
Water is our mentor
And yet see how man- this foolish beast treats it
Dirtying it in such a wanton fashion.

Water-the nectar that that gave us our breath,
Has been polluted too much.
It is ironical how this wondrous creation is maltreated
And our water is languishing in sorrow
It is stifled and strangled by Man's wastes.

What man doesn't realise
Is that the water that he defiles
With his nether wastes
Runs as life through each of his veins.
And by polluting it in such a gruesome way,
He is not only destroying his motherland-the earth

But also poisoning his own veins
Inflicting upon himself agony, epidemics and pain
The noxious chemicals he so ruthlessly in the water dumps,
Are amplifying themselves by millions to stay
And persist in their nefarious schemes
To put man in jeopardy's way.

I weep upon the future's bosom
Seeing how mankind spells doom for his own race.
Hope springs eternal in the human breast
And if there is hope for mankind
He must make a sincere effort
To follow the motto of "Recycle, Replenish and Revive"

We as citizens of the world must strive
To give back to our water, its strength, its life
By not polluting this sacred substance
We shall not throw our sewage into it, we must pledge
We shall not toxicate it
By the poisons of our industrial wastes.
We will not dirty our rivers
Nor violate the sanctity of our waters
By throwing our malicious nuclear wastes.

Every drop of water we shall consciously use
And not one drop shall we waste
We shall have to act fast before its too late.
We all shall have to make a concerted effort
To protect our waters if we must survive
And help Water- the Serene and calm element
To rejuvenate itself and regain its lost vitality
And continue its legacy of wondrous creation.

Dhruv Malhotra
New Delhi, India

The Fool On The Hill

The sun comes out of the eastern hills
The Fool on the hill can be seen
He will ponder over the sun and stars

Is he wise?
No one knows
Is he strong?
No one knows
Does he lack sanity?
Or does he keep it in a jar for occasional use?

I wanted to know
I ask him, Why do you sit?
Why do you ponder?
He told me, because I do not know
I do not know why we are
I do not know why the stars are
I do not know why the sun is

I try to tell him about the world.
He would not listen
He did not know how
I coaxed him off of the hill
That was as far as he would go.
I showed him a baby and mother
I showed him ice cream
I showed him the ocean
I introduced him to the world
But he would not let me introduce the world to him

I failed
I showed him the world
But he did not love it
He was afraid of loving life
It might make him scared of death
Maybe he had pondered too long.

San Diego, USA

Chipko Movement

Embrace the trees and
Save them from being felled;
The property of our hills,
Save them from being looted.

Raturi, for the Chipko Movement

Oh, Mother Earth!

Oh, Mother Earth!
Your hills, snowclad mountains, forests,
In all shape and formations
Bring happiness to us.
I bow to you
With all my might, I shall save
Your cultivable, fertile and nourishing black and red
Soils which are strong and resistant,
And protected by our ancestors,
From getting weak by destruction and degradation.

Atharva Veda, Kand 12, Sukti 1, Mantra 11.


Traffic is so terrible it is quite unbearable,
All the exhaust makes me not want to eat sauce,
Waiting sitting polluting the air ,
It really is not good for hair,
So please do not pollute the air.

St. Martin's in the Feilds Episcopal

Save the trees . . .

What do the forests bear…
Soil, water and pure air.
But that terrible axe,
The trees it hacks;
And down slips the soil,
The rivers flood and boil.
Oh, save the trees,
Save them all . . .
Chipko, chipko is our call!

D A D Sriniwas, 9-A  
AES Smt Durgabai Deshmukh 
Memorial Sr Sec. School 

Save the environment . . .

Man is God’s greatest creation,
God has gifted him the power of action.
Alas, he spoils the mighty ocean,
But this is a dangerous notion.
Nature is God’s greatest gift,
Which should be saved with action swift.
We mustn’t waste paper or fuel,
With Nature we should avoid a duel.
Nature is our forefathers’ heritage,
Who they say were savage!!

Preety Nagpal, 9-G
Lovely Public School

Nature the great . . .

Man is such a foolish animal,
He thinks he will be able
To conquer the whole world.
But when he tried to control Nature first,
He never thought about Her curse.
Only now is he realizing the hazards,
And thinking of turning the clock backwards.
No one knows what will become of Man,
But Nature someday will take revenge if she can.
If Man doesn’t listen to the signals clear,
He will invite his doom in the future near.
For Nature so patient, so rich, so smart,
Will release her fury and tear apart.
All that man has built over the ages past.
And reduce to ashes whatever he has amassed.

Bhupinder Jit K, 8-D  
Guru Nanak Public School