Water Cycle and Water Sources


An eight-year-old girl, who wants to know everything about the world we live in.

Mother: Chhutki's mother.

Happy : The talking handpump. A cheerful friend of Baadshah.

Chhutki1.jpg (16931 bytes) Baadshah: A doll. Inm Chutki's dream it turns into a magical old man, cheerful, full of energy and very wise. A good friend of Chhutki.

Cloudy : The king of clouds. He has a cheerful , chubby, snowy white face.



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Scene 1
Chutki's home


It is a rainy afternoon. Chutki is busy completing her homework. Her mother enters her room carrying a shopping bag. She is looking for the umbrella.

Chhutki.jpg (17763 bytes)

Mother: Chutki dear, will you please help me find my umbrella? It is raining and I have to go to the market to buy some vegetables.

Chutki: (Goes out of the room and returns with the umbrella) Here Mother. (She gives it to her mother.)

Mother: (Taking the umbrella from her). Thank you, Chhutki. Now don’t forget to fill a bucket of water from the pump next door. Complete your homework and don’t doze off as you do.

Chutki: Yes, Mother. Bye!

(The mother leaves. Chutki goes back to her homework. She then notices her favourite little toy which she has named Baadsah. Picking it up she begins to talk to it.).

Hello, Baadsha. I really wish I didn't have so much homework to do! Today in class we studied all about water. Of course, it was vbery interesting. But I do have so many questions to ask. You are smiling as though you know all the answers already.

(She stretches and yawns, as she gets very sleepy. )

Ooh… I wish .. I could .. ask you…

(She falls asleep)

( She begins to dream . In her dream, Baadshah, the toy comes alive. As he stands before her, he is much taller than herself and looks so good in his long white beard and colourful robe and, of course, with his very knowing smile.)

Baadshah : Chhutki, hello! How are you?

Chhutki : Very well, thank you ! Wow Baadshah, you do look so much nicer than your little toy figure.

Baadshah : You look nice too, but just a little sleepy.

Chhutki : Yes, Baadshah, it's all this homework that makes me tired …!

Baadshah : Why ? Now, suppose I gave you a little help, would that make things better ?

Chhutki : (Excited)

Oh, yes! Most definitely.

Baadshah : You ask your questions and I'lluse my magic to answer them. You can see things for yoursef, so you can understand them better.

Chhutki: How ?

Baadshah : You'll see.

Cloudy.jpg (14092 bytes)

Chhutki : Well then, as you know , it's raining outside. Where does all this water come from and how does it fall as rain ?

Baadshah : To know the answer , why don,t we go and ask the clouds?

Just shut your eyes and count till three
And soon among the clouds we'll be!

( Chhutki shuts her eyes and counts till three.)