Water Cycle and Water Sources


An eight-year-old girl, who wants to know everything about the world we live in.

Mother: Chhutki's mother.

Happy : The talking handpump. A cheerful friend of Baadshah.

Chhutki1.jpg (16931 bytes) Baadshah: A doll. Inm Chutki's dream it turns into a magical old man, cheerful, full of energy and very wise. A good friend of Chhutki.

Cloudy : The king of clouds. He has a cheerful , chubby, snowy white face.



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Scene 2
Up in the clouds


She opens her eyes, and is amazed to find Baadshah and herself standing in the middle of such beautiful , huge, white and fluffy clouds as she could ever imagine.   Suddenly,  a big cheerful round face pops out of the clouds.  It is Cloudy , the king of clouds.  He wears a little golden crown.

Cloudy.jpg (14092 bytes)

Cloudy : Hello, Chhutki!  I am Cloudy, the king of clouds. Welcome to cloud Country.

Chhutki : ( She can hardly believe her eyes A talking cloud! What next...?) Er..hello! How do you know my name?

( Cloudy smiles broadly and nods his head as if to say, "Well, I know everything." He winks at Baadshah who winks back with a smile)

Baadshah : I think I'll take a little walk while you talk. (He moves off.)

Chhutki:  (To Baadshah) Come back soon !
(She turns to Cloudy) I'm so happy to meet you, Mr. Cloudy.  There is so much I have to ask you...

Cloudy : Go on. What is it that you wish to know?

Chhutki : Well how is that during raining season, the clouds look so thick and dark from  where  I stand down on the ground?  Up here, everything is so bright and white.

Cloudy : Good question! Let me explain .  As you know, down on the ground when the sun shines brightly it becomes hot.  Water from the rivers and lakes, or where ever it has collected, evaporates. That is, it turns into water vapour which is gas.

Chuttki: Ah, and so it rises up.  Doesn't it ?

Cloudy : You are clever, Chhutki! Because vapour is very light in weight, even lighter than feather, it rises upwards, goes higher and higher till it reaches the sky.  As it is much cooler up here, these vapours turn into tiny droplets of water or condense as clouds. When a huge number of droplets collect, clouds get thicker and heavier, much like a thick quilt.  When the sun shines over the clouds, the rays cannot pass through their thickness easily. Therefore, they appear dark.  But up here, on the upper side of the clouds, everything looks bright and white because the sun's rays are reflected towards you from the surface of the clouds.

Chhutki: Oh, I see! So that is it.  Now tell me Cloudy, when is the time for rain to fall on the ground?

Cloudy : As you may have noticed, it is much cooler up here than on the ground.  Because of this, the vapour condenses faster, till it becomes too heavy or reaches the point of precipitation.   At this point the condensed droplets of water in the clouds, which become too heavy to stay up here, fall to the ground as rain.  Rain falls on the Earth because of the force of gravity that pulls things down towards it.
( There is a sudden, bright flash of lightening followed by a very loud crash of thunder. Taken by surprise , Chhutki jumps into the arms of King Cloudy for safety and clings to him tightly.  Just then, Baadshah comes running.)

Baadshah: Chhutki! Are you all right ?

Cloudy : (chuckling) Oh yes, she is fine, just a little shaken up.
(He gently puts her down )

Chuhutki: Goodness! That was unbelievable. The light... the sound...ooh!

Baadshah: Yes, lighting and thunder, the music of the clouds...right Cloudy?

Chhutki : But, how does it happen ?

Cloudy : Good question again! You see, electricity which you use for lightening your homes and cities, and to listen to the raadio , is produced when negatively charged particles move in your electric wires. These particles are so tiny that you cannot see them with your eyes but you know that they are there by the way things happen.  Like on the Earth, up here in the air, we have millions of such particles. They come together in large numbers when thick clouds cluster together. These positive and negative particles always have a strange way of attracting or finding one another. When they do two things happen. One, a bright flash of light is formed and two, a loud sound we call thunder is heard.

Chhutki : It sounds just like what happens when my two neighbours quarrel with one another. I think I'll call them "thunder" and "lighting".

(All three have a hearty laugh).

Thank you , Cloudy! That was very interesting.

Cloudy : I am glad I could help.

Baadshah : Just as the lighting and thunder say it may be time to rain, I must say it is time for us to leave and continue our journey.

Cloudy : Why don't you go down with the rain, then you can see everything all the way to the ground.

Chhutki : Great idea! Could we, Baadshah?

Baadshah : Certainly! But first, we must put on our rain suits to protect us from getting wet, for there is going to be a lot of water down there.

(He gives her a rain suit to put on and puts one on himself. They bid Cloudy goodbye and leave.)