Water  Cycle and Water Sources


An eight-year-old girl, who wants to know everything about the world we live in.

Mother: Chhutki's mother.



chara.jpg (17598 bytes) Baadshah: A doll. Inm Chutki's dream it turns into a magical old man, cheerful, full of energy and very wise. A good friend of Chhutki.



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Scene 6
At the handpump


They land up in a big splash of wash just in time to see a woman carrying away a bucket of water she had filled from the hand pump.

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Baadshah: Ooooh... that was close.

Chhutki : Yes, Baadshah. We almost got carried away in that bucket of water!

Baadshah: Yes, but think of the terrible fright that poor woman would have got had we turned back to our original size in the bucket itself.
(They laugh heartily. They also hear laughter behind them. This is Happy, the handpump.)

Happy :  Ha-ha! That was funny indeed! Hello there, Chhutki, and Baadshah! How was your trip all the way up?

Chhutki : A talking handpump! I truly must be dreaming!

Happy : May be!

Chhutki : Baadshah please return us to our original size before we get into trouble.

Baadshah: Right you are!

Shut both your eyes , just as before,
And soon we'll both be small no more!

( When Chhutki opens her eyes, they are back to their normal size.)

Chhutki : That's much better, thanks. And yes, hello, Happy, pleased to meet you! The journey was short, but of great fun,

Baadshah: Nice to see you again I must say, Happy, though your joints do need oiling. It was very noisy down there.

( They enjoy a good laugh.)

Happy : Well, yes, I could do with a good oiling, but who would do it for me?

Chhutki : Why, I'll be glad to do it tomorrow. And, by the way , why is there so much water standing around here? It is quite dirty and smells awful...!

Happy :  I'm sorry , Chhutki. But as you can see most of the bricks and plaster at my base are quite old and broken. The drain is also damaged. That is why water collects like this all around me. I hate it but I cannot do anything about it. Also, this water is always full of rubbish and smells terrible. Mosquitoes and other germs breed here. These can cause serious illness and diseases to people. When this infected water seeps into the ground it is sucked through me even before it can be naturally filtered, because it is so close to me. This means that the water seeps into the ground it is sucked through me even before it can be naturally filtered, because it is so close to me. This means that the water that is pumped out could also be contaminated with germs, and people could be infected with diseases like cholera, typhoid and jaundice. I just wish someone would clean up the place fast.

Chhutki : Don't worry, Happy. I shall speak to my parents and get your broken base replastered and the drain repaired so that it will carry the dirty water far away from you to a safe place.

Happy : Thank you, Chhutki. That would make me very happy indeed.

Baadshah: True to your name, my friend. Now we must leave as we have to continue our journey.

Chhutki : Where are we going?

Baadshah: I'll give you a clue: to where the drinking water first begins to flow.

Chhutki : I know, the mountains!

Baadshah: ( Handing her a warm shawl and a woolen socks)

Here , first put these on.

( Chhutki puts on the socks and wraps the shawl around her. Then   they both bid goodbye to Happy and get ready to leave.)

Baadshah: ( To Chhutki)
Now shut your eyes.

Now we both travel , non-stop,
Straight up to the mountain top