Water Conservation


An eight-year-old girl, who wants to know everything about the world we live in.

Mother: Chhutki's mother.

Pia : A friendly helpful pigeon. A friend of Baadshah.


chara.jpg (17598 bytes) Baadshah: A doll. Inm Chutki's dream it turns into a magical old man, cheerful, full of energy and very wise. A good friend of Chhutki.

Riki : A cute, faithful rat. An old friend of Baadshah.


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Scene 4
The parched field


Pia lands softly on the ground behind a dry bush. Baadshah and Chhutki quickly jump off her back.

Baadshah : Now, Pia, you fly off and look for anyone in trouble nearby. We'll then see how we can help. Meanwhile, we'll search for water. ( Pia flies off.)

(Baadshah then puts his hands to his lips and whistles, three times.)

Chhutki : What are you doing, Baadshah ?

Riki.jpg (10238 bytes)

Baadshah : Another little surprise for you . I'm just calling our next little means of transport. Look!...

( Out of a hole in the parched earth nearby pops a furry little head with large eyes and a cute pink nose. Soon also come out four little legs and a long pink tail.)

Meet another good old friend , Riki the rat.

Riki : Baadshah! How are you ? You still whistle like a young boy of 10! Ha, ha! ( They laugh.)

Baadshah : Riki, meet Chhutki, another very dear friend.

Riki :  Delighted to meet you, Chhutki.

Chhutki : Glad to meet you too, Riki. Baadshah, you do have the most amazing friends, truly!

Riki : Now tell me, what brings you both to this dry, deserted place ? There is not even a drop of water around to offer you.

Baadshah : That's exactly why we are here: to find the sources of water.

Chhutki : We must find some soon, or many people and other creatures will be in great trouble.

Riki : Oh yes, we must. But how can I help?

Baadshah : First, take us underground, as deep as one can go.  Then , we will look for a place to dig further down.   Maybe we can find the water - table ... we must try atleast.

Riki : Earlier, I had to dig only a couple of metres to reach the water-table, but now, even after 8 to 10 metres,  I don't seem to find it. I haven't dug thaqt deep for many years now, but dig I can, and there's no harm in trying. So hop on to my back, hang on tight, we'll travel downward as far as these deserted rat tunnels can take us.

(Chhutki and Baadshah quickly climb on to Riki's furry back and hang on tight. Riki then runs into the nearby rat hole and beginsto travel through the underground tunnels, downwards.)