Water Conservation


An eight-year-old girl, who wants to know everything about the world we live in.

Mother: Chhutki's mother.

Pia : A friendly helpful pigeon. A friend of Baadshah.


chara.jpg (17598 bytes) Baadshah: A doll. Inm Chutki's dream it turns into a magical old man, cheerful, full of energy and very wise. A good friend of Chhutki.

Riki : A cute, faithful rat. An old friend of Baadshah.


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Scene 5


Chhutki :Gosh, Riki, there are so many tunnels all around us!

Riki : Well, they are all empty.

Chhutki : How do you know which one to take ?

Riki : Ha, Ha! All I can say is, it comes naturally   when you're a rat!

( All chuckle . They keep moving till they come to a small underground cave where several white rocks seem to glow light up the place. Baadshah and Chhutki get off Riki's back, down on to the floor.)

Chhutki : Ooooh... it's so lovely and cool down here.

Baadshah :Yes, cool, that's just what we are looking for. Riki, do you smell water anywhere close by?

Riki : (Riki lifts his nose up and wiggles his whiskers left and right, then stops suddenly, facing the right corner of the cave.) This side seems to smell wetter. In fact ,I can even hear a very faint sound coming from down below.

Baadshah : Dig Riki, dig - as fast as you can, down-wards, in this direction. We will keep removing the earth as you dig.

( Work begins. Riki digs downwards at great speed, while Baadshah and Chhutki keep removing the earth he digs up. Suddenly they hear Riki calling from way down.)

Riki : ( From somewhere underground) Hellooo, Baadshah... Chhutki.... can you hear me?

Chhutki : Yeeeesss , we caaann Rikiiii!

Riki : Hey, I've found water, but it is really very deep down.

Chhutki : Come back, Riki! It is now quite clear that if we have to find water, we will have to dig really deep. Think of all the effort we have to make now just because we were not careful about conserving water earlier.

Riki : Yes !!!! Now, Baadshah and Chhutki, grab my tail, we're going up!

( They both hold on to Riki's tail, and move through the tunnels to the surface. Pia comes swooping to greet them in the sun for a while. Soon it is time to leave.)

Baadshah : Well, it's time we moved on. Thank you, Pia and Riki, for the rides and all your help.

Chhutki : Yes, you were wonderful . I shall miss you. I have learnt such a lot today. I hope everyone realizes soon that if they are not careful, the water table, which has alrready gone down will soon be out of reach. I have learnt this lesson the hard way. And, I pray that everyone remembers it as well.

Pia : We shall miss you too, but you will come back sometime ?

Riki : You will, won't you?

Baadshah : Oh yes, we will.

( They wave goodbye as Pia flies into the sky and Riki runs off into another hole nearby.)

Chhutki : Baadshah, have you forgotten something?

Baadshah : Oh yes, I nearly did.

Just close your eyes and count till three
Back to normal size we'll be.

Chhutki : This is much better now. My neck was beginning to hurt, looking up at everything all the time . ( Both chuckle.)

Baadshah : Yes, Chhutki, now that we've seen how things are on one side, let's go and see how they are on the other side as well.

Chhutki : Other side ?

Baadshah : Shut your eyes again, and count till three
On the other side we shall be.