Water Conservation


An eight-year-old girl, who wants to know everything about the world we live in.

Mother: Chhutki's mother.

Pia : A friendly helpful pigeon. A friend of Baadshah.


chara.jpg (17598 bytes) Baadshah: A doll. Inm Chutki's dream it turns into a magical old man, cheerful, full of energy and very wise. A good friend of Chhutki.

Riki : A cute, faithful rat. An old friend of Baadshah.


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Scene 6
The town


When Chhutki opens her eyes, she finds herself and Baadshah standing in a street of a town rather like her own.

Chhutki : My ! This place looks quite nice, almost like where I live. I'd like to meet some of these people.

Baadshah : I'm not so sure you would.

Chhutki : Why ?

Baadshah : ( Pointing to a man drinking water from a tap which flows freely. ) Most of the water falls to the ground, in a big pool.

Chhutki : Oh dear, he is wasting so much water ! Why can't he use a mug to drink , or atleast not spill so much water on the ground ! ( The man leaves. ) Look , he has walked off wihout even turning the tap off!

(She calls out to the man.) Oh! Sir, wait, the tap... you've left it running ...! ( The man ignores her call and walks off.) How odd, how rude, how unconcerned! ( She goes to the tap and turns it off.)

Baadshah : Now , take a look across the street.

(She looks across the street and sees two small small children bathing and two women washing clothes near another open tap.)

Chhutki : ( Running across to them ) Oh ! please, you must not waste so much water like this . Use that bucket and a mug for bathing the children and also for washing clothes. Don't let so much water be wasted . ( There is no response from them , as they continue their activity. She returns to Baadshah. ) This is very sad indeed. They just don't seem to listen . They just don't seem to listen. They don't seem to care! ( She looks very upset .)

Baadshah : Come, Chhutki! Let us walk on. ( As they walk on, they are almost drenched as water from a large overhead tank suddenly pours freely on to the street near them.) The tank is overflowing.

Water.jpg (9158 bytes)

Chhutki : Goodness! Just look at the water that is being wasted.... and there are people who don't even have enough to drink! ( She bangs on the door of the house to which the tank belongs.) Please! Please! Your tank is overflowing! Water is being wasted! Do something! ( There is no response.)

Baadshah : I don't think they will even listen to you. Let's go on.

Chhutki : This is a truly terrible situation.

Baadshah : Yes, indeed! But there is only one way of doing something about it.

Chhutki : What?

Baadshah : Begin by doing it yourself. Everything that you want others to do or not to do , begin it yourself. Others will notice and will follow you.

Chhutki : I'll do anything to be able to stop this dreadful waste of water. Don't people realize, water cannot be there always if they go on using it carelessly?

Baadshah : Sadly, it seems people may only realize its worth when they don't have it any more, or, will that be too late?

Chhutki : No, it must not be. I will do all I can and also ask my friends to help as well.

Baadshah : A good beginning. But first, you must get back home and fill up some water, right ?

Chhutki : But there is no water !

Baadshah : Try again.

Chhutki : All right, I will. Goodbye for now, Baadshah , and thanks for everything I have learnt on these wonderful trips with you.

Baadshah : You are mast welcome, anytime . Goodbye for now, my little friend.

Shut your eyes and count till three
Soon safe at home , you'll be.