Water Conservation


An eight-year-old girl, who wants to know everything about the world we live in.

Mother: Chhutki's mother.

Pia : A friendly helpful pigeon. A friend of Baadshah.


chara.jpg (17598 bytes) Baadshah: A doll. Inm Chutki's dream it turns into a magical old man, cheerful, full of energy and very wise. A good friend of Chhutki.

Riki : A cute, faithful rat. An old friend of Baadshah.


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Scene 7


Chhutki : ( Waking up from her nap.) Gosh, I must have dozed off! ( She jumps off the bed.) Oh yes, I have to fill some water. ( She takes a bucket and goes out to fill it. She returns in a moment with a bucket full of water.) Thak goodness there is water flowing in the pump. ( She places the bucket in a corner and covers it with a cloth. She then rushes back to her work.) And now, I have something very important to do. I must, right now, make list of all the ways in which I can save water myself

( She begins writing , speaking out aloud at the same time.)

  1. Brushing teeth: only one mug of water.

  2. Bathing : only one bucket of water.

  3. Drinking : use a glass or a mug.

  4. Washing clothes and vessels: use bucket of water and  a mug.

  5. Plants: only half a bucket of water every evening.

  6. Cleaning floors: use small bucket of water and  a cloth.

  7. No spilling of water.

  8. No dirtying of clean water.

  9. Turn off all taps when not in use.

  10. Make sure taps or tanks do not leak.

  11. Look out for leaking taps or tanks in the neighbourhood. Speak to owners to get them repaired.

  12. Meet friends, give them a copy of this list for their own use, suggest that they pass it on to others as well.

( There is a knock at the door. Chhutki opens it for her mother who has returned from the bazaar with a new bucket.)

Mother : Chhutki... have you...

Chhutki : Don't worry, mother! Yes, I've filled a bucket of water. It's over there , covered , in the corner. And, I promise I will never ever waste water again.

Mother : Well, well, dear, what has come over you.... so suddenly?

Chhutki : ( Smiling .)Nothing ...er...just...Baadshah.jpg (9164 bytes)

Mother : ( Knowingly.) Baadshah, again....?? Yes ?

( Chhutki nods her head, smiling.)

You know , Chhutki, he may be just a toy...sitting on your table... but, if he really does make such a difference in your life, I really do wish every little boy and girl to have a Baadshah of his or her own.

Oh yes, mother, I wish so too.

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