Water Pollution


An eight-year-old girl, who wants to know everything about the world we live in.

Mother: Chhutki's mother.

Woody: A talking tree.

Turtle: A turtle in the river.


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Baadshah: A doll. Inm Chutki's dream it turns into a magical old man, cheerful, full of energy and very wise. A good friend of Chhutki.

Fishy: A fish who lives with his family in the river


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Scene 2
The hillside river


In her dream Chhutki finds Baadshah standing before her, smiling as usual.

Chhutki : Baadshah, my friend, you are just the one I wanted to see!

Baadshah :  Chhutki! Is something wrong? You seem rather upset .

Chhutki : I am , Baadshah! My friends are in trouble. Dipu is down with jaundice, Lata has a body rash, Usha has an eye infection, and a noumber of fish and turtles have also died in the river. Do you know what has caused all this?... Water!

Baadshah :  Water? But that's strange. I'm sure something was wrong with the water.

Chhutki : I don't know, Baadshah . My friends are in trouble and I can't do much to help , at least to prevent these things from happening again.

Baadshah :  Wait a moment, Chhutki. The water by itself can't be the cause of so much trouble. Something went wrong somewhere and we must find out. Maybe we could take a trip to the river an see things for ourselves, after all the river provides us with all the water we need.

Chhutki : That sounds good!

Baadshah :  Just shut your eyes and on the dot , We'll soon be at a hillside spot.

(Chhutki shuts her eyes, then opens them again to find that they are standing beside a sparkling clean river, flowing through green hills with beautiful trees, flowers, insects, birds and small creatures, all living in harmony.)

Chhutki : This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen!

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(A voice from behind startles her. It is Woody the tree, an old friend of  Baadshah. She turns around in surprise.)

Woody :  Hello Baadshah! Nice to see you again, Woody. This is Chhutki, a very dear friend. Chhutki, this is Woody, a very old friend.

Woody : Nice to meet you, Chhutki.

Chhutki : Wow! I've never met a talking tree before. Pleased  to meet you, Woody.

Woody : Well, we trees do whisper. But no one cares to listen to us most of the time.

Chhutki : Oh, it's lovely, clean and fresh up here.

Baadshah :  Especially the air and water (pointing to the river nearby).

Woody :  It is very sad that this beautiful river does not remain the same as it flows on.

Chhutki : Meaning?

Woody :  It gets dirtier, duller and polluted as it moves on  through towns and cities. MAny of my town-dwelling fellow trees who lived long ago the riverside have died. Others are very ill. All because of the polluted water.

Chhutki :We are really sorry to know that.  But how does this happen? If we could take a look, maybe we could think of a way to stop it.

Woody :  That is really kind of you, though I wonder what can be done. But you can certainly take a trip down the river with Fishy. I'll just call him.

Chhutki : Fishy?

Baadshah :  Yes, Chhutki, he's another old friend - a fish - who lives with his family in this river. Here he is.

(A large fish with big, brown eyes, smiling, brightly, swims towards them.)

Fishy :Hello, everyone!

Chhutki : Hello! Fishy, I'm Chhutki. You are beautiful! It's a pity that your home, the river , is in so much danger.

Fishy : Glad to meet you ! Woody just told me why you're here. I'll be very happy to take you and Baadshah down the river....if only... you weren't so big.

Baadshah :  But of course, I can settle that. Right, Chhutki?

Chhutki : Right!

Baadshah :  Just take a deep breath, shut your eyes,
And soon we'll both be small in size.

(When Chhutki opens her eyes, the sees that they both are now much smaller than Fishy.)

Woody : That's a very good trick, Baadshah!

Chhutki : Yes, and he can make us big again.

Fishy : Superb! Now you both can ride on my back. Hop on! (They climb on Fishy's back.)Hold on to my fins tightly. I'll swim close to the surface of the water so you won't get too wet. I'll swim close to the surface of the water so you won't get too wet. I'll take you as far as it is safe to go.  I hope that's all right with you.

Baadshah :  That will be just fine, Fishy. Let's go!

Chhutki : Goodbye, Woody!

Woody : Goodbye, Chhutki and Baadshah! Fishy, hope to see you again somtime.

(They wave to one another. Fishy begins to swim down the riverwith his two passengers.)