Water Pollution


An eight-year-old girl, who wants to know everything about the world we live in.

Mother: Chhutki's mother.

Woody: A talking tree.

Turtle: A turtle in the river.

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Baadshah: A doll. Inm Chutki's dream it turns into a magical old man, cheerful, full of energy and very wise. A good friend of Chhutki.

Fishy: A fish who lives with his family in the river


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Scene 8


Chhutki awakes, almost falls off her chair. She is still holding in her hand the Baadshah doll.

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Chhutki : Was it all a dream? But it seemed so real!

Mother: (Entering) Chhutki, have you found anything useful in those books? Did you fall asleep again?

Chhutki :Actually, both, mother. Yes, I think I now know exactly what to do.

Mother : Meaning...?

Chhutki :My project on water pollution. Tommorrow I have a very important meeting with my friends. Can I hold it here, Mother?

Mother : Meeting? Certainly, Chhutki, but about what?

Chhutki : Mother, I have decided that we must work out a plan to let people in our school and neighbourhood know about how water and aquatic life are being destroyed by pollution and why?

Mother : And what is your plan?

Chhutki : We can start by making a list offactories that are polluting the river. We could write letters requesting them   to stop this. If they don't listen, we could write to the newspapers asking them to write about it so that everyone becomes wary. We could make posters illustrating water pollution and its prevention. We can put these up in our colonies and schools. We can we make greeting cards asking people to help stop water pollution.

Mother : Chhutki, that is truly a wonderful plan. What made you think of all these things?

Chhutki : A dream, mother. Will you help us?

Mother : I'll be more than happy to help you. I'll also get some of my friends over for your meeting. Wouldn't  that be good?

Chhutki : Wonderful, mother!

Both : For a cause as important as this, all must do their bit. Only then things can and will get better.

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