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National Green Corps (A movement of environment friendly children)

The MoEF (Ministry of Environment & Forests), Government of India has identified TERI to take up the evaluation of NGC (National Green Corps) (eco-clubs) programme in the states of West Bengal, Assam and Mizoram. The evaluation will assess the effectiveness of the NGC against its set objectives and its impact, so that the gaps, if any, could suitably be addressed and the best practices could be successfully replicated, while implementing the next phase of the programme. The objectives of the evaluation are

     1  To appraise the activities/performance of the eco-clubs.
     2  To evaluate the relevance and quality of resource material provided to eco-clubs.
     3  To understand the capacity building process, its significance, quality, and usage.
     4  To assess the role of various agencies / stakeholders in strengthening eco-clubs.
     5  To review the effectiveness of reporting, feedback, and monitoring mechanism followed by agencies involved.

The NGC was launched in the year 2001/02 by the MoEF, Government of India in all districts throughout the country.

The programme was implemented through eco-clubs that were set up in 100 schools of each district of the country. The main objectives of this programme are to educate children about their immediate environment and impart knowledge about the eco-systems, their inter-dependence and need for survival, through visits and demonstrations and to mobilize youngsters by instilling in them the spirit of scientific inquiry into environmental problems and involving them in the efforts of environmental preservation.