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Gurdip Singh, 28 yrs
Guru Nanak Public School,
G-8 Area, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi –110064.

We have started a Vermi-Compost Project for the healthy disposal of
biodegradable waste in our school which is being maintained by the
students. The leftover food and vegetable peels from the school canteen
and from the tiffins of the students is fed into the pit after an interval
of 2-3 days. This pit contains special type of earthworms, which convert
this waste food into Compost in about 2 months. This is a very rich manure
and helps in the growth of the plants. Since the beginning of the project
we have already harvested 3 crops of vermi-compost. To create awareness
amongst the common people about this compost, we have started giving this
compost as a gift to the guests of the school. The compost is also being
used for maintaining the school gardens. We also plan to sell the surplus
at nominal rates.

Diary of a Junior Environmentalist
Faraz, 11yrs
New Delhi

Hi! This is Faraz. I want to tell you about my visit to theMillenium International Children's Conference on the Environment inEastbourne, U.K. Earlier I had submitted a project on the harmful affects of polybags and the steps we can take to cut down the use of polybags in Delhi. On the basis of what I had written I was selected to represent the country.

This four day Conference was held mainly to spread awareness about the environment among the younger generation. There were a 1000 children from about 157 countries and 13 from India. All the children discussed the environmental problems in their own country and came to the conclusion that all the countries seem to be having the same type of problems. The main problems seemed to be that of air pollution, water pollution and solid waste. I was surprised to see that polybags were a problem in almost all the countries. At this point I was able to discuss my project, everyone listened very attentively and agreed with what I had to say.

We stayed here for four days. After the conference we came to London and after two days went to Dubai where we spent some time. From there we came straight back to India.