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Chain Saw

Hello!! Chain Saw
Toku Yano
A monster tree has come to take the revenge. Buildings are cut down one after the other


A Tree That Has Recorded History

Hello!!A Tree That Has Recorded History
Teruo Katsuki
The Earth is not just for human beings. It is equally for all living things.



Tarzan's Complaint

redbut.jpg (1085 bytes) Tarzan's Complaint
Gijin Sekine
The tropical forests of Africa, Southeast Asia and South America are disappearing at a terribly fast speed because of indiscriminate cutting by lumbering companies and slash-and -burn farming by natives.



Turning Point

yelbut.jpg (1037 bytes)"Turning Point"
Ko Yano
Nature preservation has no relationship to money, but mankind would like to return to the starting point.



My House

grebut.jpg (1062 bytes)"My House"
Tokutaro Chiba
To the one who cut down the this tree, I want to say, "Give me back my happy home.