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4.Natural phenomena that causes air pollution.(7)

6.Air pollution that occurs inside a house.(6)

7.When the air is heavily polluted visibility is poor and nothing can be _____ at a distance.(4)

8.Of a city or a town.(5)

9.Forms due to a combination of various gases along with water vapour and dust.(4)

13.Type of rain that occurs when sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides combine with water vapour in the air.(4)

14.Part of the land, when in the air is a pollutant as it is a particulate matter.(4)


1.Emitted mainly from thermal power plants.(6)

2.Method of disposal of waste, which, if not carried out in a correct manner releases harmful gases.(10)

3.Power plant that emits a large amount of harmful gas.(7)

4.Major emitters of harmful gases into the atmosphere.(8)

5.Household activity that is a major cause of indoor air pollution in the rural areas.(7)

10.Presence of certain types of these cause harm to the atmosphere.(3)

11.Improved models of these are being developed to ensure less emission of gases.(3)

12.All the gases that are being emitted due to human activities is causing damage to this.(3)