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1. Act of supplying water to fields(10)

6. Farmers do this to the excess water to make the fields drier(5)

7. This makes your cup of milk sweeter(5)

8. Cold substance used to preserve things(3)

10. Planting of seedlings(3)

12. Mycorrizhae fungi are added to this part of the plant(5)

14. Chemicals found in most fertilizers(7)

15. Plant seedlings are covered with this to keep the birds away(3)



1. Of our country(6)

2. Cut the crops(4)

3. Inheritance(8)

4. ____ culture: mass cloning method(7)

5. Somethind added to the soil to get the better yield(10)

9. Biological poisons(5)

11. The most important crop of the Green Revolution in India(5)

13. This part of the shoot is used to obtain a large number of plantlets(3)