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1.This area is very important to counter the greenhouse effect as it gives out a great deal of oxygen and takes in carbon dioxide.(6)

5.Due to the depletion of this layer in the upper part of the atmosphere (the stratosphere) the greenhouse effect has occurred.(5)

6.There are two types of energy, renewable and ___renewable.(3)

8.The greenhouse effect has led to _____warming.(6)



1.It is the Chloro floro carbon used in the refridgerators.(5)

2.The world’s largest environment summit which adopted the famous Agenda21 declaration was held in 1992 in __De Jenerio.(3)

3.This is released into the atmosphere by industries, households using fire wood etc.(5)

4.This planet in our solar system is said to have the runaway greenhouse effect. (5)

7.It is a non renewable source of energy used to run vehicles and is emitting large amounts of harmful gases into the atmosphere.(3)