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1.When oil tankers accidentally release their cargo into the sea it is known as an oil-----.(5)

5.The planet earth along with its living organisms and atmosphere which sustains life.(9)

7.An extinct bird which has become a symbol of extinction.(4)

9.The wildlife region(a National Park) which has been immortalized by Rudyard Kipling’s jungle tales.(5)

10.These grow on the ground and give us fruits, flowers, vegetables, etc. (5)

11.They prevent soil erosion, give us shade, oxygen and many other things.(6)



2.The Girnar sanctuary is the last home of this animal in Asia.(4)

3.Darwin’s theory says that man evolved from this animal.(3)

4.The National Museum of Natural History is located here. (8)

5.These living beings were the first to receive attention for their protection and conservation at an international level.(5)

6.The flower considered the cradle of the universe in Indian mythology.(5)

8.The country which has the densest cover of forest in Asia.(5)

10.It has to be well closed after every wash other wise we will be wasting water.(3)