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1.The first biodiversity reserve to be set up in India.(7)

5.This state in India has the least forest cover. (7)

6.India ranks first in the production of this natural fibre.(4)

7.This ruler in ancient India first ordered the establishment of wildlife sanctuaries.(6)

8.More than one fourth of the earth’s surface comprises of this.(5)

9.The largest type of water body on the earth’s surface.(5)

11.This ----bean is also known as the ‘miracle bean’.(4)

13.The presence of this in the air causes hay fever.(6)



1.This sea is the most polluted in the world.(8)

2.The river considered holy by the Hindus but yet is one of the most polluted rivers in India.(5)

3.This sector is a major pollutant of air, water and land.(8)

4.A large body of water which is landlocked (normally landlocked).(4)

8.We collect a great deal of this at our homes and outside which causes pollution on the land.(5)

9.The layer in the atmosphere which protects the earth from the harmful effects of the sun.(5)

10.It is a part of our body and also is a piece of metal pointed at one end which is hammered in to hold things.(4)

12.Noah put all his animals into this.(3)