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1.The short form for a place where experiments and tests are carried out.(3)

7.The study of the habits of living things and their relationship with their surroundings.(7)

8.This town is the headquarter of the WWF (it has the same spelling as a part of the human body.)(5)

9.Man uses this to kill animals and other creatures and thereby destroy the ecological balance.(3)

11.This happens mainly during the rains when rivers overflow and enter areas which are normally dry.(5)

13.A species is said to be this when its numbers are so few that it will most likely disappear unless properly protected. (10)



1.The side of the mountain which does not receive any rainfall as all the moisture is deposited in the windward side.(7)

2.A global biotic community, such as a grassland or desert, characterized chiefly by the dominant forms of plant life and the prevailing climate.(5)

3.The study of animals.(7)

4.An element, normally a gas, that makes up about one-fifth of the atmosphere of the earth.(6)

5.This species of beings on the earth has caused the most damage to the environment.(5)

6.It occurs due to man’s destructive nature. Mountains and hillsides are cut, trees are chopped down which leads to this.(9)

10.The plants, trees etc found in a forest.(5)

12.Various periods in the history of man’s life on earth.(3)