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1.The totality of circumstances surrounding an organism or a group of organisms.(11)

6.70% of the earth is comprised of water and the remaining of this.(4)

7.It is found extensively in the North East part of India and is an alternative to wood for making furniture.(4)

8.Inspite of a ban on _____ in wildlife, it is being carried on extensively all over the world.(5)

9.The golden languar monkey is found only in this sanctuary in the north eastern part of India. (5)

10.The wildlife region of India which has been immortalized by Rudyard Kipling(5)

14.It is the state with the smallest population in India.(6)

15.These lights make a room bright and consume much less electricity.(4)


1.E______is a major factor which comes in the way of controlling and reducing pollution.(9)

2.A natural hazard which does not occur on the Indian mainland.(7)

3.It is a form of precipitation.(4)

4.A disease caused by mosquitoes which breed in stagnant water.(7)

5.There are two types of waste we usually generate. Biodegradable and ----biodegradable.(3)

11.This form of pollution is caused due to loud sounds.(5)

12.Ultra violet radiation causes this form of cancer.(4)

13.It was originally only a mixture of smoke and fog.(4)