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1. Air pollution
2. Biodiversity
3. Biotechnology
4. Climate change
5. Environment - One, Two, Three, Four
6. Non-renewable energy
7. Renewable energy
8. Solid waste
9. Water

Brush up your enviro-knowledge by solving these crosswords. Select any crossword from the following subjects - Life on earth, Renewable energy, Water, Air pollution, Climate change, Solid waste or from the general section and test your knowledge by solving them.

Instructions to play

You can use both arrow keys and mouse pointer to play this game.

On the depression of a box, you have to type an alphabet for that box using the keyboard.

The alphabet typed would appear in RED color, if it is appropriate for that block otherwise it would appear in BLACK color.

If the block with a highlighted number is clicked then the corresponding question for that block is displayed on the top and bottom of the crossword. The arrows represent the direction of the answers in the crossword [across / down].

If you are unable to solve the crossword, click on the link below the puzzle to get the solution.

Note: You have got only 20 chances per block.

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