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1.It is a renewable form of energy which is abundantly available on the earth in the form of firewood, cattledung, garbage or agricultural residue.(7)

4.Garbage, industrial discharge etc. are all forms of this. It can be used to generate energy.(5)

6.This resource is found in rivers and streams and electricity is generated from it.(5)

7.The large body of water that surrounds the earth from where thermal energy can be generated.(5)



2.This is a gas found in abundance under the deep sea floor but is not very easily accessible.(7)

3.It gives energy to the earth and at present is the biggest source of energy in the earth.(3)

4.Its movement represents the transfer of energy from the wind to the sea. Its energy potential is very high.(4)

5.This light is cost effective, does not consume much energy and is brighter than other ordinary lights.(4)