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1.This happens when foodstuff is left uncovered and flies or dust fall on it; also when water is left unprotected.(11)

4.The Governing body of an urban area that looks after basic amenities and the welfare of the people.(9)

6.Part of the waste that can be degenerated in compost pits.(7)

10.Black coloured waste generated from coal processing and petrol refining ,mainly used in road construction.(3)

11.Garbage, unwanted items and rubbish that we throw away or discard.(5)

12.Colours or marks left by blood, fruits, vegetables, etc. that are difficult to remove.(5)

13.To separate different items in groups.(9)


1.Made from organic matter; it is a natural fertilizer.(7)

2.Landfills should not be constructed ____ (close at hand) residential areas nor a ground water source.(4)

3.Due to this ,hazardous waste and infectious waste can be dangerous.(8)

5.Food items often come packet in this; one of the waste items that can be reused.(9)

7.Waste that is generated mainly in the house.(7)

8.Black coloured bird often seen in the garbage dumps.(4)

9.Action of putting something to use again.(5)