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1.Watering of agricultural fields through various methods.(10)

6.Major source of water for drinking and agriculture.(5)

8.Conducted to study the quality of the water.(5)

9.During a shortage of water this has to be done to maintain a regular supply.(5)

11.Easily contaminated from landfills and incineration plants where proper disposal methods have not been carried out.(11)

13.In urban areas this is a major cause of water pollution.(6)


2.Water harvesting utilises this water mainly for recharging groundwater.(9)

3.Leachate from here causes contamination of groundwater.(7)

4.Water has to be ____ to make it fit for drinking.(7)

5.Spills of this into the sea causes great concern.(3)

7.The release of polluted water from the drains.(9)

10.Built across rivers to hold back the water for irrigation and other purposes.(4)

11.Released into the atmosphere in the absence of oxygen.(3)

12.A large number of people in India ___of water borne diseases.(3)