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1. Air - Level 1Level 2
2. Biodiversity - Level 1Level 2
3. Biotechnology - Level 1, Level 2
4. Climate change - Level 1Level 2
5. Non-renewable energy - Level 1, Level 2
6. Renewable energy - Level 1Level 2
7. Solid waste - Level 1Level 2
8. Water - Level 1Level 2

Discover enviro words in the scrambled matrix of words.

Instructions to play

Following are the instructions to play the game.

To start playing the game, just hit the 'New Game' button. Study the grid of alphabets carefully, spot a meaningful string of alphabets forming a word.

The words are shown in the list on the right of your screen.
Then drag your mouse over the string of alphabets & select the word.
Note: The words could be present in multi-directional ways e.g. [left -> right, right -> left, top -> bottom, bottom->top or diagonally] in
the grid.

Once selected, the correct words will remain highlighted. You can see the diagrammatic representation of the grid below for better


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