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Catalogue of books for you to read    


star.gif (227 bytes)A BOND WITH THE MOUNTAINS
Ruskin Bond

The author’s love and respect for the mountains is clearly seen in this collection of mountain stories and poems.

star.gif (227 bytes)AN ISLAND OF TREES
Ruskin Bond

His deep attachment to the hills and to nature is clearly seen in this book where he shares his joy of living with the whole world.

star.gif (227 bytes)TIGERS FOREVER
Ruskin Bond

A blend of nature and adventure fill collection of poems and stories.

Ruskin Bond

Ten stories of man’s encounters with animals and birds.

star.gif (227 bytes)IN SEARCH OF WATER
Dilip M. Salvi

When an Alien comes in search of clean water Tina tries to help him but finds it difficult to get even a drop of clean water on earth.

star.gif (227 bytes)MADAM AIR WANTS A CHANGE
Dilip M. Salvi

Air wants a change but find out what happens when she goes to look for a new form.

star.gif (227 bytes)MR. SUN TAKES A HOLIDAY
Dilip M. Salvi

In this book on one of the elements he manages to weave an interesting tale about the sun.

star.gif (227 bytes)OCEANS OMNIBUB
Mamata Pandya & Meena Raghunathan

Gives a great deal of information on oceans with special emphasis on India's rich coastline. It includes maps

star.gif (227 bytes)WHERE'S AWAY?
Mamta Pandya

A well written book on the environment. Various concepts on conservation like recycle, reuse, etc. are discussed.

star.gif (227 bytes)FOREST TALES
Mamata Pandhya & Others

A collection of forest tales and their inhabitants and includes activities.

star.gif (227 bytes)PUZZLING OUT POLLUTION
Mamta Pandya & Others

This book helps to create an awareness on the problems of pollution.

star.gif (227 bytes)MOTHS OF INDIA
Isaac Kehimkar

A book on moths with accompanying photographs.

star.gif (227 bytes)KAZIRANGA TRAIL
Arup Dutta

A group of children fight off poachers at the Kaziranga Game Sanctuary

Kenneth Anderson

Animal stories set in the jungles of India

S.M. Nair

National book trust of India.

star.gif (227 bytes)THE SNAKES AROUND US
Zai and Rom Whitakar

Detailed account on snakes, the types, their usefulness the myths, with beautiful photographs and illustrations.

star.gif (227 bytes)LISTEN TO THE ANIMALS
Shubita Punja

Enjoyable animal stories with beautiful sketches.

star.gif (227 bytes)NAINA'S VILLAGE
Feisal Alkazi & Others

A series of books for children on environment.

star.gif (227 bytes)LANSCAPES: CHILDREN'S VOICE
Gita Wolf (Ed.)

Based on the ancient Tamil system of thinais or ecosystems this book is about nature, cultures and attitudes. Educators' guide to this book is also available

star.gif (227 bytes)THE INDIAN ELEPHANT
Ajay Desai

Due to his extensive research on elephants, he has been able to make this account of the life and times of elephants more interesting.

star.gif (227 bytes)MYSTERIOUS INTRUDER
Jaya Paramasivan

The risk of collision with a comet or of an invasion by forms from other planets is what gives substance to this tale.

star.gif (227 bytes)PREDATORS AND PREY
K. Ullas Karanth

Interesting questions are answered such as - Why do animals attack people? How do predators find their prey?

star.gif (227 bytes)THE VISITOR
Pratibha Nath

Through this story the author has managed to weave facts about migration and birds.

star.gif (227 bytes)EXTINCTION IS FOREVER
J. C. Daniel
Sanctuary Magazine

This book tells us about the extinction of species from the dawn of life to recent times.

star.gif (227 bytes)EVOLUTION
Renee Borges

Thoughtfully written, it answers some of the complex questions regarding the origin of life, animals and plants.

star.gif (227 bytes)DIVERSITY
Madhav Gadgil

This story starts with the beginning of life, how the diversity was preserved by our ancient culture and how it is slowly being lost.

star.gif (227 bytes)CELESTIAL HIDE AND SEEK
Nirupama Raghavan & Rajesh Harsh

This book unravels the mystery of eclipses with beautiful illustrations. There are activities at the end of each chapter

star.gif (227 bytes)COMMON TREES
H. Santapau

It tells you about the common, indigenous and some exotic species.

star.gif (227 bytes)FORESTS AND FORESTRY

It discusses various types of forests and their importance and throws light on the technique and practice of forestry.

star.gif (227 bytes)INSECTS

The exciting world of insects, with special reference to India.

star.gif (227 bytes)OUR ENVIRONMENT
Laeeq Futehally

Gives details on the environment in India and the damage that is being inflicted to it.

star.gif (227 bytes)ENERGY

star.gif (227 bytes)THE MONSOONS

It gives a detailed account of the monsoons and there affects of the climate of India.


Detailed account of the rich wildlife of our country and an understanding of their conservation. Information has also been provided on the endangered and rare species.

star.gif (227 bytes)OUR WATER RESOURCES

India’s water resources and the means and necessity of conservation.

star.gif (227 bytes)WAYS OF THE WEATHER

The concepts and practices in observing and forecasting weather. The impact of weather and climate on life in the Indian context.

star.gif (227 bytes)WIND ENERGY

Through a series of diagrams and illustrations it introduces this form of energy to the readers.

star.gif (227 bytes)LITTLE TOYS
Arvind Gupta

It teaches children how to make low cost and eco-friendly toys from materials such as tetra packs, camera roll cases and other junk.


Exciting encounters with wild animals and poachers narrated by the author who was a wild life warden.

star.gif (227 bytes)POLLUTION

With colouful illustrations, this book gives an account of the different kinds of pollution – river, atmosphere etcand their impacts.

star.gif (227 bytes)THE STORY OF OUR RIVERS (PART 1)
Lila Majumdar

This part tells us about the rivers if North India.

star.gif (227 bytes)THE STORY OF OUR RIVERS (PART 2)

Relates the story of the rivers of South India.

star.gif (227 bytes)WATER

An instructive book on the uses, pollution, sources and supply of water. Well illustrated.

star.gif (227 bytes)THIS EARTH IS OURS
Laeeq Futehally

About the role played by water, soil, trees etc in sustaining life on earth.

star.gif (227 bytes)OUR TREE
Pranab and Smita Chakarvati

A seed becomes a tree and every part of it has some form of life. Beautifully shown in pictures.

star.gif (227 bytes)A WILD ELEPHANT AT CAMP
Anupama Mohorkar

Set in a wildlife sanctuary, this book contains information on sanctuaries, elephants and mahouts.

star.gif (227 bytes)A TREE IN MY VILLAGE
Paritosh Sen

The renowned painter records the variety and interdependence of all living things.

star.gif (227 bytes)HAROUN AND THE SEA OF STORIES
Salman Rushdie

A classic adventure novel of a father and son.

star.gif (227 bytes)THE DANGER WITHIN
Feisal Alkazi

An unusual activity book specially designed for schools. It teaches children about the harsh facts of child labour, at the same time how to recycle various things. Creative Learning For Change.

star.gif (227 bytes)SURESH AND THE SEA
Raghavendra Rao & Sandhya Rao

This book explores the relationship between human beings and their environment in various regions of India. Here, Tamil Nadu is seen through the eyes of a boy of a fishing community.