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Educational CD-ROMs

Interactive CD ROMs to give you an insight into the world of environment

star.gif (227 bytes)Climate change

An exciting and innovative simulation CD-ROM from BP Educational Service. As you play, you learn what climate change is, what its impacts might be and what the scientific and political approaches to dealing with it are. Suitable for 15+ year olds, and students of Geography, Science and PSE/PSD, the disc can be used for competitions, induction days, ice breaking sessions or purely for intellectual fun!

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star.gif (227 bytes)Responding to Climate Change

This was developed by the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme.  This CD-ROM contains reports, energy statistis and FAQ, which will be useful to users of all backgrounds, aged 14 years and upwards.  It also includes Merlin, a model of climate change to the year 2100.

IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme
Tel: +44(0) 1242 680753
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E-mail: mail@ieagreen.demon.co.uk
Web: www.ieagreen.org.uk


star.gif (227 bytes)The Sun's joule

Is a comprehensive educational CD-ROM on renewable energy for high school students. It contains around 1,000 screens of text and graphics, dozens of digital videos, interactive exercises, an energy glossary, a list of renewable energy internet resources, and a detailed index. The new release of The Sun's Joules includes the School Energy Doctor software, which walks students through an energy and water audit of their school facilities.



star.gif (227 bytes)School energy doctor

Is a multimedia production designed to lead high school students through a water and energy audit of their school. It provides students with easy calculations to see how efficiency and renewable energy can save energy, water, and money as well as reduce pollution right at their own school.



star.gif (227 bytes) Climb the Himalayas

Your journey to the Roof of the World begins 65 million years ago, when the super-continent Pangea broke up and gave birth to the Himalayas. Join philosophers, climbers, mystics and adventurers to travel in a battered truck along a mountain road, walk the streets of Gangtok, meet the princess of Sikkim-or consult the Book of Wisdom to decipher its hidden meaning. These wonders and more await you in this interactive journey to the Kingdom in the Clouds.



 star.gif (227 bytes)Ocean Planet Smithsonian

Experiential exhibits show you how the sun, earth, moon and oceans connect to form a complex system of atmosphere and weather. Explore the breadth of undersea activity and the issues that challenge aquatic life's delicate balance. Companion to The Smithsonian Institution's Ocean Planet Exhibition. Ages 9 and up.



star.gif (227 bytes)Geo Bee Challenge

Join BuzzBee, the worldly wonderbug, on a brain-teasing, rib-tickling romp around the world! Conquer cartographic conundrums, solve pop-up puzzles, and bolt through lightning rounds. Packed with photos, maps, and National Geographic Bee questions, GeoBee™ Challenge is the bee-boppin’-est, no-stoppin’-est quiz game of all!



star.gif (227 bytes) The Celestial Shadow Play

If eclipses continue to challenge theoreticians and provide ample opportunities for research, the common man is no less awed by the phenomena. Fortunate are those who can make it to the narrow track swept by the Moon's umbral shadow, for here unfolds the most enchanting celestial drama, that of a total solar eclipse. No less enchanting is the spectacle of a totally eclipsed moon. The Celestial Shadow Play is an attempt to share the excitement of eclipses. The contents includes: (a) Eclipses - solar and Lunar: Phenomena, Causes, Prediction, Observation, Scientific Studies, (b) Related Phenomena: Transits and Occultations, (c) Ancient Wisdom: Myths and Legends; Intrigued and Observant; Ancient Indian Astronomy.

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